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Want to buy Plexiglas tube? A Plexiglas tube is also called a PMMA or acrylic tube and is available in different dimensions. Acrylic glass is also known under the brands Perspex, Altuglas, Oroglas, Acrylglas and Paraglas. Acrylic tubes are widely used for both decorative and technical purposes, because they have versatile properties. Check out the possibilities and place an order in the webshop.

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Plexiglas tube or acrylic tube

A Plexiglas tube is a tube that is used in furniture-, interior- and stand construction. This material is widely used because it has a high impact resistance. An acrylic tube can take a beating and is virtually unbreakable. However, please note that the material is sensitive to point loads. Moreover, Plexiglas is completely colourless and can be polished on the cut surfaces, which is not the case for a polycarbonate tube.

They are also lightweight, making them pleasant to work with. Did you know that a Plexiglas tube is 25 times stronger than glass, so it will not break easily? This is ideal! Moreover, it has better light transmission, which makes the contents of the tube much more visible.

Variety of purposes

A Plexiglas tube is used for a variety of purposes. For these purposes you can think of furniture- and interior construction, but also of all kinds of technical applications. Did you know that these tubes are also often used for realising all kinds of lighting? Because the tubes are completely UV resistant, they do not discolour over time. However, these tubes are not suitable for long-term outdoor use, because they will eventually yellow.

Different versions

The Plexiglas tubes are available in different versions. You can opt for a completely transparent XT acrylic tubebut you can also choose a GS transparent tube. GS means that the tubes are centrifugally cast, XT stands for extruded acrylic. Or do you prefer a Opal XT tubeor for a satin, light-opal variant? You determine the outer diameter, wall thickness and length of the acrylic tubes. The tubes are sold per full meter but can be cut to size, then we will send you the remaining pieces of the cut-to-size tube as well. Feel free to take a look at the different pipes from our range.

Difference between XT and GS plexiglass tubes

But what is the difference between an XT and a GS tube? The GS plexiglass variant is a cast plate that hardens into glass. An XT sheet, on the other hand, is pressed out of a mono by an extruder, resulting in a sheet. A big but also important difference is that the cast GS plate is slightly harder than the XT plate.

Variety of purposes

A Plexiglas tube is used for a variety of purposes. These purposes include furniture and interior design, but also all kinds of technical applications. Did you know that these tubes are also used in shop windows, and are more than suitable for use in the lighting industry?

Processing options

Acrylic tubes can be processed in various ways. We can glue the pipe watertight for you, or have it processed in another way. It is also possible to drill, glue or saw the pipe. If desired, we can also sand or polish the tube or tubes for you. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Want to buy Acrylic tube? Place an order!

Would you like to buy an acrylic tube? Take a look at the different acrylic tubes in the webshop and place an order. The tubes are available for a competitive price. We then ensure that the order is delivered as quickly as possible.

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