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Sedum green roof system

Sedum cassettes: ready-made and easy to install

A green roof package is the green roof solution for your roof. You can find this A-brand at Kunststof Forte BV . We sell green roof packages in our webshop. With these different kinds of packages, there is a suitable solution for every type of roof. Each package is easy to install yourself if you call yourself a do-it-yourselfer. If you are not, we can also install the green roof for you. Also choose a sedum roof and make your roof more sustainable!

Bestel een van de drie verschillende soorten sedum cassettes en wij bezorgen ze within 3 working days fresh from the nursery at your home.

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Why choose a green roof?

Sedum roofs are definitely worth considering. These green roofs have many advantages: they help to improve the city's climate, provide healthy air, catch rainwater and offer bees, insects and birds a pleasant living environment. An added bonus is that green roofs are beautiful to look at, the urban environment becomes a lot greener and more sustainable. There are many more advantages to a green roof. Read them all on our website!

Upon delivery, the sedum mats and sedum trays are always immediately covered for 95%. So you can get to work right away and transform your dull grey roof into a green Valhalla. On the website you can download the installation procedure.

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Do you also want to contribute to a greener world? Then choose the green roof packages from Kunststof Forte BV. There is always a package that fits your type of roof. Our packages are composed in such a way that you only have to indicate the number of m² of your roof. We will then calculate the rest for you.

Order the desired green roof package directly. Also check out our other products in the web shop. If you would like to receive advice or have a question answered, you can always contact us. You can also request a no-obligation quote from us if you entrust us with the installation.
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