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Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Kunststof Forte BV considers the proper handling of personal data to be of great importance. In this privacy policy we therefore wish to give you clear and transparent information about the way in which Kunststof Forte BV processes personal data of business relations. By business relations we mean, among other things, existing and potential customers, suppliers, stakeholders and visitors to our website and social media channels. Naturally these personal data are treated and protected with the greatest possible care. In doing so Kunststof Forte BV adheres to the General Regulation on Data Protection (AVG) and the AVG Implementation Act.

This means that we:

  • wish to inform you through this privacy statement about the purposes for which we process personal data;
  • limit our collection of personal data to only those needed for business purposes;
  • process your personal data for the purpose of carrying out our business activities and obtain your consent in cases where this is required;
  • take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require this of parties who process personal data on our behalf;
  • respect your right to request access to and correction of your personal data. In addition, you have the right to request that your personal data be deleted or that the use of your personal data be restricted.

What do we process your personal data for?

There are various purposes for whichKunststof Forte BV collects and processes your personal data. Within the framework of its agreements with business relations, it collects and processes contact data including your name, position, business and/or professional, (business) mobile telephone number and (business) e-mail address.

1) If you are a customer or potential customer of ours, we use your data in order to send you offers, deliver goods or perform work for you, invoice you and communicate with you smoothly and efficiently about the execution of the agreement.

2) If you are a (potential) supplier or other contractor, your personal data are also necessary for the conclusion and execution of the agreement. When purchasing goods and services, this is necessary in order to let you know what specifications or wishes we have for a certain item or service, to be able to send a request for a quotation or place an order with you, to pay your invoices and to be able to communicate with you smoothly and efficiently about other aspects of the agreement.

3) We also process data for the purpose of internal analysis for process improvement, the development of products and services and for market research.

4) Data is also used to inform relations and its employees of our (new) products and services and to keep them informed. This can be done directly, but also for example by means of blogs on our website or campaigns via social media. In doing so Kunststof Forte BV tries to take your preferences into account on the basis of products and/or services purchased.

5) If you order and/or supply goods from us, we will save the personal data you provide and use it to inform you personally by e-mail about existing and new products and services in the future. You may also receive offers from us in this regard. We have a legitimate interest in using your personal data for this purpose, namely to inform, promote and sell our products and services.

You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data. However, if you do not provide us with any or sufficient personal data, we may not be able to carry out the aforementioned work for you.

Storage period

The data is stored in order to realise the described purposes. In the event of a transaction, we observe a legal retention period of up to 7 years.

Provision of personal data to third parties

We will only pass on your data to third parties if this is necessary for the performance of a contract or service. Our website contains measurement tools from other parties, such as cookies from Google Analytics. This data is automatically shared with this company and we do this, for example, to track how visitors use our website or what the customer rating is for our products and services. We use this knowledge to optimise our website for our visitors. Furthermore, we use Microsoft Office and the corresponding storage facilities for e-mails and other files.


We will treat your data confidentially and will not publish it.


To prevent unauthorised persons gaining access to your personal data Kunststof Forte BV uses technical and organisational security procedures. These procedures guarantee an appropriate level of security in view of the types of processing and the nature of the personal data to be processed.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Kunststof Forte BV reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy. You can find our policy here: https://www.kunststofforte.nl/privacystatement

We therefore advise you to check this page regularly to see whether any changes have been made. Should Kunststof Forte BV implement a significant change which has consequences for the way in which your personal data is processed, we will make this known by means of a notice on the website and/or direct communication by means of e-mail or social media.

Questions, access or request to change your data

If, after reading this document, you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, or if you would like to exercise your right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data, please inform us of this by e-mail at: info@kunststofforte.nl

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