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Compost bins Buying a compost bin? Using an ECO-oh! compost bin you can process various types of garden and kitchen waste into fertile soil. Because the compost bins have a modular construction, they are easy to build and expand. View the compost bins in our range and place an order in the web shop. Your order will be delivered within 1-3 working days.

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Buy Compost bins at Kunststof Forte

Today, more and more people are choosing to buy compost bins. Buying a compost bin makes it possible to dispose of plant waste in an environmentally friendly way. But also because it is a good way to keep your garden In order to fertilise in an economical way, compost bins are often purchased. After all, it creates a win-win situation.

The front of the ECO-oh! compost bin has been designed in such a way that a number of boards can be easily removed. This allows you to easily turn the compost during the digestion process. The sides allow sufficient oxygen to reach the compost, preventing unpleasant odours. The durable material is resistant to sunlight (UV), water, rot and rodents. The low thermal conductivity limits the loss of heat to the environment.

How does a compost bin work?

In the ECO-oh! compost bins that you can buy in the web shop, you collect leaves, leftovers from raw vegetables, pruning waste, fruit and coffee filter bags. But how does a compost bin work? A compost bin speeds up the composting process. It works very simply. It is created when mould and bacteria break down dead organic material. But woodlice and earthworms also contribute to this process. The product that then remains is called compost, a very fertile nutrient for, among others, shrubs, trees and plants.

Plastic compost bins

In our range you will find basic compost bins. These compost bins are made of plastic, giving them a neat and natural look. Thanks to this look, the plastic compost bins that you can buy in our webshop fit well in any garden. Whether the garden is large, or small. But these compost bins are also widely used in the allotments of greenery lovers and on school grounds. Because the bins are not affected by salts, acids and have a microbial effect, the bins last a long time. Because the partitions are removable, carrying out work becomes even easier.

Can be expanded as required

The basic ECO-oh! compost bins we offer can be expanded with the use of a extension module. In this way, you can easily double the volume without having to immediately purchase a second or third bin. If you use a compost bin with an extension module, you can easily transfer the material from one bin to another. How convenient! And would you like a roof apply to the compost bin or a reinforcing rod? That too is possible. The roof ensures that the compost can still breathe freely, but at the same time it discharges the rain. This creates a favourable moisture and oxygen balance, which contributes to good composting.

Order a compost bin in the webshop

Ordering a compost bin so you can fertilise your home and save money by not having to empty the greenery bin? Take a look at the ECO-oh! Compost bins from our range and place an order in the web shop. We will then ensure that your order is delivered as soon as possible. Usually, your order is delivered within 1-3 working days. Do you have a question about the compost bins in our range, or do you have another question? Feel free to contact us for more information by leaving your question and contact details in the contact form.