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Aluminium Composite Sheets

Want to buy aluminium composite panels? These are sheets that are made with a combination of plastic and aluminium sheets, resulting in a solid but light sheet. View the various versions in the web shop and place your order. Your order will be dispatched quickly.

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Aluminium composite plate

An aluminium composite sheet, also called ACP for short, consists of two aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core. This core is glued to the aluminium sheets under high pressure. In this way the whole forms a kind of sandwich, for which reason the sheets are also popularly called aluminium composite sheets. sandwich panels called. Aluminium composite sheets are sheets that are much easier to process than, for example, solid aluminium sheets of equal thickness.


However, these plates have even more advantages over other materials. An aluminium composite panel is lightweight, as it is made from a combination of aluminium and plastic. Despite the fact that the plates are flat and very stiff, they are inexpensive and easy to process. A plate is easy to process because the material has great freedom of form. In addition, aluminium composite panels are fully recyclable, durable, and weather- and corrosion-resistant.

Application in the advertising and construction sectors

Aluminium composite sheets are used for a variety of applications, mainly in the advertising and construction sectors. For example, these sheets are often used for cladding a façade, such as for shop premises, showrooms and fascias. But these sheets are also widely used for producing LED illuminated aluminium textile frames, among other things for the advertising world and sign & display. However, aluminium composite sheets are also used to produce LED light boxes, signposts, billboards and illuminated advertising columns. These sheets are also very suitable for use as POS material.

Application in industry

But aluminium composite sheets are also widely used in industry. For example, when producing roofs for petrol stations, making partition walls and realising sun blinds. Do you want to shield the machines in the factory in a safe way? These sheets are also more than suitable for that.

Various colours and finishes

You can buy the aluminium composite sheets in various colours. You can think of a white It is also possible to choose a plate in anthracite, blue, yellow, grey, red and ivory, among other colours. However, it is also possible to choose a particular finish, for example an aluminium composite panel with a Butler Finish or a brushed finish. You can choose a gold plate with a butler finish, or do you prefer a rose or champagne finish?

Order aluminium composite sheets in the webshop

Want to buy Aluminium Composite Sheets? View the sheets in our range, select the desired thickness, length and width and place an order in the webshop. Do not forget to select the colour of your choice. We will then ensure that your order is delivered as quickly as possible. We aim to deliver your order within 1 to 3 working days.

Do you have a question about the purchase or use of aluminium composite panels? Feel free to contact us for more information. You can contact us by leaving your question and contact details in the contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible to help you further.