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Sedum Cassettes | € 12.50 each

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Do you want to turn your flat roof into a cassette sedum roof? Then this ready-made do-it-yourself system for your green roof is the perfect purchase for you. We at Kunststof Forte offer a simple step-by-step plan so that you can install a sedum roof yourself. You will then benefit from a better insulated house and beautiful nature right above your head.

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What is a cassette sedum roof?

A sedum roof, also known as a green roof, consists of succulents that require hardly any water or maintenance. These plants are placed on your roof in the form of cassettes or mats. This turns your boring roof into a beautiful roof garden. For this you need a flat roof or pitched roof necessary.

Sedum cassettes: shallow planters

Sedum cassettes are a kind of shallow planter consisting of several layers. The top layer is formed by the succulents. These plants are already well rooted. Therefore a cassette forms an instant sedum roofing. The succulents are of course of the genus Sedum. The species most often used in sedum roof cassettes are: Sedum hispanicum, S.exangulare and S.album.

Sedum cassettes or sedum mats?

Besides cassettes, you can also use sedum mats to create a green roof. What is the difference? Cassettes are planted in the substrate (a kind of earth). Underneath that is the drainage film which drains excess rainwater from the planters.

Sedum mats are comparable to grass mats. The sedum is incorporated into the mat. The mats are groundcovering and provide approximately 95% of succulents. The disadvantage of sedum mats is that it takes a lot of work to install them because they are loose mats.

Installing a Sedum cassette

On the other hand, installing cassettes on a sedum roof is much quicker. Because the sedum cassettes only have to be clicked together. The cassettes can be directly installed on the sedum roof, provided that the roof is waterproof. So you don't need to be a specialist, have green fingers or read complicated manuals. With our step-by-step plan Installing a sedum cassette on your roof even easier.

Subsidy for cassette sedum roof

If you opt for a cassette sedum roof, there is a chance that you will receive a contribution from the government. Many municipalities, water boards and provinces offer subsidies for the installation of green roofs. The subsidy can amount to as much as €30,- per m2. This makes buying a sedum roof a lot more affordable and attractive.

See if your municipality, water board or province offers a subsidy scheme for the construction of green roofs. The conditions for subsidies differ per municipality, so be sure to read up on this on the website of your municipality.

Why install a cassette green roof?

Installing a green roof has even more advantages. They insulate your house in the winter, provide cool air in the summer, are good against air pollution and are also pleasing to the eye. You will also enjoy lower heating costs and a more pleasant temperature. In addition, a green cassette roof the value of your house.

That's not all, a cassette sedum roof is also important for the community. Here's why:

  • Water control:
    Sedum roofs reduce the runoff of precipitation, so that peak discharges are lower. As a result, the sewerage system is less or not overloaded and there is no or less serious flooding.
  • Air and water treatment:
    Green roofs absorb harmful substances and also break them down again via the water. In this way, they contribute to both air purification and water purification.
  • Habitat development:
    A sedum roof acts as a temporary habitat or even base camp for butterflies, bees and other nectar-sucking insects.

The benefits to you

There are plenty of benefits for you too, find out for yourself:

  • Longer life expectancy of roofing material:
    A sedum cassette roofing lasts longer than a regular roofing.
  • Thermal insulation of the roof:
    Sedum roofs reduce temperature fluctuations.
  • Sound insulation:
    A sound dampening effect.
  • Visual advantages:
    A view of a green environment has a positive effect on the residents' mood and physical health.
  • Environmentally friendly image:
    Installing a green roof on the roof of your premises will enhance the environmentally-friendly image of your company.
  • Financial advantage:
    Our sedum cassette is a ready-to-use green roof system measuring approx. 460 x 495 x 80 mm. You will earn back the purchase costs in time. This ensures that the price difference between a sedum roof and a traditional roof is very small.

The properties of sedum roof cassettes

  • Material carrier`. Recycled HDPE
  • Coverage rate Minimum 90 %
  • Sedum species Minimum 10
  • Weight empty cassette 0.7 kg
  • Dry weight 12 kg
  • Saturated weight 19 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 460 x 495 x 85 mm
  • Surface area 4.4 cassettes/m²

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Want to buy Sedum Cassettes?

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Additional information

Number of 1 to 58 cassettes

None, Sedum cassette, 1 pallet Sedum cassettes (13 m²)