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Transparent polycarbonate sheets

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Polycarbonate is a clear one, transparent plastic sheet with an exceptionally high impact resistance. This transparent plastic is 250 times stronger than glass in the same thickness. Because of this property, this material is excellent for use as security glazing or protection that has to be lethal, burglar-proof, impact-resistant or extra safe.

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High-quality Polycarbonate sheet transparent ordering online. Polycarbonate sheets can be sawn, drilled, milled and glued without any problems.

Transparent plastics often find their way to replace glass. The advantages are that they are lighter than glass and some types are virtually unbreakable. In addition, most transparent plastics have excellent thermal and/or chemical properties. This makes it possible to make lighter constructions. The materials are easy to work with and can be hot bent or distorted.

This concerns the following materials: PMMA (PLEXIGLASS®)), PC (Makrolon®), PET-G (HIPEX®), PVC clear (Polyvinyl Chloride). Each with its own advantages, so there is a suitable solution for every issue.

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. It is a solid, hard and transparent material. The most important property of polycarbonate is its enormous impact resistance. Polycarbonate is in fact 250 times stronger than glass. That is why polycarbonate is often used as safety glazing.

Crystal-clear and super strong
Around 1900, polycarbonate was discovered by a German chemist, Alfred Einhorn. He researched the material for more than three decades, but could not find a commercial application for it. In 1953, this changed and Bayer and General Electric started producing polycarbonate. The plastic was mainly used as a substitute for glass, albeit in small areas. The reason for this was that polycarbonate had a brown tint. Only in 1970 was it possible to make polycarbonate crystal clear. Polycarbonate quickly made a name for itself as safety glass, used in safety glasses, machine guards, car headlights and even as a cockpit for fighter jets.

Delivery possibilities

Weather and moisture resistance

We supply Polycarbonate with a UV-protected surface, which makes the board ideally suited for outdoor use. Boards without UV protection will yellow in outdoor use after 2-3 years. The moisture absorption of Polycarbonate is low.

Thermal properties Polycarbonate sheet clear

The heat resistance of Polycarbonate is high, long-term 115°C. For hot forming, the temperature should be 180°C to 210°C.
When used as glazing and the like, expansion must be taken into account. This amounts to approximately 0.65 mm per metre at a temperature change of 10°C. The rebate depths or profiles in which the material is set must take this into account.

Food and chemical resistance

The scratch-resistant coating of Lexan Margard and Makrolon Hard give excellent protection against most chemicals. Even graffiti by spraying can be easily removed.

Characteristic features and applications

Polycarbonate is cold bendable, limited cold setable, highly impact resistant and virtually unbreakable. It has excellent fire-retardant properties. It is the only crystal-clear plastic that retains its properties at low temperatures of -30°C. The strength is no less than 250 times higher than glass of the same thickness. This unique property, together with its great clarity and rigidity, makes Polycarbonate sheets extremely suitable as safety glazing in schools, sports halls, psychiatric institutions and in places where burglary and vandalism play a major role. Further applications are protective covers and sheets on machines in the food industry, skylights, canopy sheets, light fittings and light box sheets.

Material properties Polycarbonate sheet clear

Tensile strength 60 N/mm2
E-modulus 2200 N/mm2
Bending strength >95 N/mm2
Impact strength Charpy no fracture
Elongation at break 110 %
Ball pressure hardness 110 N/mm2
Specific gravity 1.2 g/cm3
Vicat softening point 145 °C
Maximum operating temperature 115 °C
Minimum operating temperature -30 °C
Linear expansion coefficient 0.065 mm/m/°C
Refractive index 1.585
Light transmission (thickness 3 mm) 86 %
Moisture absorption 0.2 %
Fire class (self-extinguishing) B1/B2 DIN 410

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