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Trespa® HPL plaat wit

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Trespa® plaat wit nodig, voor binnen- of buitengebruik? Deze HPL is weerbestendige én krasbestendige. De witte HPL platen in snede zijn geschikt voor binnen- en buitengebruik en beschikken over een dubbelzijdig oppervlaktedecor in de kleur wit. U heeft de keuze uit verschillende diktes, namelijk uit 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm en of 12mm. Kies de afmetingen naar wens en plaats een bestelling in de webshop.

UV- and weather-resistant
ETB Balcony approval
Double-sided decor surface

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Trespa® panel white

Want to buy a Trespa® panel in white? These white panels are from the brand Trespa®. This is one of the most famous manufacturers of HPL panels. A white Trespa® panel is also referred to as a white HPL panel or high pressure laminate. The panels from our range have a double-sided white surface and are available in various sizes. They also comply with the EN439 standard.

The decorative multi-layer boards of high-pressure laminate consist of the core of several layers of kraft paper soaked in phenolic resin. The surfaces on both sides are made of decor paper impregnated with white melamine resin, which is pressed into a compact HPL board under very high pressure. As a result, the core of the material has the same properties as hardwood.

Trespa® panel white: non-fading, UV and weather resistant

A Trespa® panel in white is lightfast, UV and weather resistant. Did you know that they defy even the most adverse weather conditions, such as acid rain, without difficulty? The white high-pressure laminates are non-corrosive and resistant to both heat and frost. They are also extremely shock-resistant and have a scratch-resistant surface. They have high mechanical strength and are rigid.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

A white Trespa® HPL panel is highly resistant to weathering and therefore extremely suitable for outdoor use as screen or cladding. Examples are billboards, plastic fascias, fences and plastic cladding of buildings. But a Trespa® panel in white is also very suitable for indoor use. It is sometimes used as a rear wall in the kitchen, a desktop or a shower wall. The possibilities of these panels are endless.

White HPL sheet, made to measure

We supply your Trespa® panel in white directly in the size you require. Our cutting configurator allows you to order white HPL panels online directly in the size you need, up to a maximum size of 4200 x 1860 mm. Simply choose from the available thicknesses of 6mm or 8mm and enter the desired dimensions in millimetres in the input fields. Our cutting configurator will determine your individual favourable price. The final price depends on the information you have entered and the desired quantity.

The cutting of the Trespa® panels takes place in our modern workshop. We use panel saws for horizontal cutting, with a low tolerance of only +/-1mm. This not only saves you time for cutting, but also eliminates the need for special carbide blades recommended for cutting hard multi-layer panels.

Processing options

Decorative multi-layer panels, such as these white Trespa® panels, may be cut or processed in various ways. In short, the processing of these panels is similar to the processing of hardwood. Our HPL panels are supplied without protective foil. When working and processing, make sure you do not press the panels together or pull them over an edge. This prevents the surfaces from being scratched.

Cutting, drilling or milling

HPL sheets can be easily cut using tungsten carbide saw blades, or by using a diamond saw blade. Milling or drilling HPL sheets is also possible using simple tools such as an HSS drill bit. For drilling holes, we recommend the use of drills with a centre tip, as break-outs are not expected to occur. Even if the HPL does not rest on a flat surface.

Cutting, drilling or milling

Painting of HPL Trespa® panels in the colour white is possible, but requires certain preparation steps and special paints. In addition, you should also pre-treat the HPL sheet with a suitable primer. Thanks to the UV and weather resistant surface of our HPL sheets, painting is not necessarily necessary and should be renewed at regular intervals.


The cleaning of a Trespa® white panel is very easy. HPL panels in white are the same as HPL panels. They have a non-porous surface which makes them easy to clean. For light soiling a clean rag and clean water is enough. However, even stubborn dirt such as graffiti can in most cases be easily removed with organic solvents (acetone, spirit, etc.). Do not use abrasives, scouring pads or polishes to clean Trespa® surfaces. This may damage them.

Order HPL sheets in the webshop

View the various HPL panels of the Trespa® brand in our range and place an order in the webshop. Or request a quotation! We aim to deliver your HPL panel(s) within 1 to 3 working days. Do you have a question about the products you find in our webshop, or would you like expert advice on making the right choice for your situation? Feel free to contact us for more information. Call +31 (0) 6 223 408 47 or send an e-mail to info@kunststofforte.nl. We are happy to help you in a professional manner.

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