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H-Profile Polycarbonate

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An H-profile is made of clear Polycarbonate with UV protection.
The profiles are available in one length, namely 6 metres.

Below you can choose which profile you need. The thickness of the sheet is indicated. The H-profiles are available for sheets with a thickness of 4-16 mm. They are not available for thicker plates such as 25 and 32 mm.

Delivery time: 2-5 working days. This is highly dependent on how busy it is and the time of year (spring/summer season). If you want to know the exact delivery date in advance, please contact us. We can then arrange a specific date with you.

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An H-profile is made of clear Polycarbonate and can be applied to several plate thicknesses. There are 3 types. 1 is suitable for 4 and 6 mm plates. There is 1 for plates of 8 and 10 mm, and a third option is for 16 mm plates.

In terms of length, we supply them in one size, namely the standard production size of 6 metres. Of course, we can saw the profiles to any desired length.

The H-profile is used to connect two sheets to each other. It is wise to let the H-profile be supported by the battening underneath. The profiles are also U-resistant and therefore have a long life.

Applications H-profile:

An H-profile can be used for constructions consisting of several plates. The H-profile is the connecting piece between 2 sheets. It is recommended that the H-profile is supported by the battens below it. It is not strong enough to be installed floating.

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Length 2 x 3 metres (suitable for 4 and 6mm plates), Length 2 x 3 metres (suitable for 8 and 10mm plates), Length 2 x 3 metres (suitable for 16mm plates)