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Trespa® Meteon® is a decorative HPL compact material with an integrated surface, manufactured with Trespa's unique proprietary EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology. The blend of wood-based fibres and thermosetting resins, made up to 70%, results in a highly stable dense panel manufactured at high pressures and temperatures, with exceptional dimensional stability and a good strength-to-weight ratio.

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A Trespa® Meteon® panel available in a variety of colours

Trespa® Meteon® HPL solid core facade panels perform exceptionally well outdoors. Sun and rain have no significant effect on the panel surface. Trespa® Meteon® is also practically impervious to acid rain. Accelerated weathering tests are the best indicator of the material's performance and recent tests show that Trespa® Meteon®'s decorative surface continues to score highly in aspects such as UV resistance and colour stability.

Colourfast and weatherproof

TRESPA® METEON® boards and IZEON® boards perform very well in the open air. The TRESPA® boards are virtually insensitive to acid rain. The best measure of the material's performance is accelerated weathering tests. Recent studies show that the decorative surface
TRESPA® METEON® continues to score very highly with respect to aspects such as UV resistance and colour stability. Sun and rain have no significant effect on the plate surface.

Safety and security

TRESPA® METEON® is available in different qualities: standard quality and fire retardant quality (FR). The standard product range of TRESPA® METEON® meets the requirements of the European standard EN 438-6 and also complies with the CE-marking required by the European Economic Area (EEA) in accordance with the European standard EN 438-7. TRESPA® attaches great importance to the safety of processes and products.

Processing of TRESPA

Trespa® sawing, what do you need and how do you do it? Trespa is a hard and smooth material. Sawing without damaging the panel requires sharp tools, good preparation and careful work. Sawing by hand is not possible because you will damage the panel. Would you like to have it sawn? Order now!


TRESPA® METEON® boards are robust and do not react with other substances, which means that there is no
additional finishing or protective layers are required. Dirt hardly adheres to the closed, pore-free, dense
HPL surface, keeping TRESPA® METEON® smooth and easy to clean.

Cleaning and maintenance

The closed surface of the TRESPA® METEON® facade cladding is virtually immune to dirt accumulation,
which keeps the product smooth and easy to clean.
See in the information video below how easy it is to clean TRESPA®!




Choose from RAL colours and order a Trespa® panel

Are you convinced of the benefits of Trespa® HPL panels? Choose the colour, length and width you want and order today! Would you first like a offer Would you like to receive a tailor-made quotation or request more information? Of course you can. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We are available by phone, mail and via our contact form accessible. Call via +31 (0) 622 340 847 or send an e-mail to info@kunststofforte.nl. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you.

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6mm one side 305 x 153 cm, 6mm one side 255 x 186 cm, 6mm one side 365 x 186 cm, 8mm one side 305 x 153 cm, 8mm one side 255 x 186 cm, 8mm one side 365 x 186 cm


Anthracite A25.8.1, Aquamarine A28.2.1, Bluish Grey A22.2.1, Brilliant Blue A22.4.4, Brilliant Green A33.3.6, Cactus Green A35.4.0, Carmine Red A12.3.7, Ceramic Greige A11.8.0, Champagne A05.1.2, Cream White A04.0.0, Cyclam A17.3.5, Dark Blue A20.7.2, Dark Brown A08.8.1, Dark Denim A22.6.2, Dark Green A32.7.2, Deep Dark Brown A14.7.2, English Red A11.4.4, Forest Green A34.8.1, Gold Yellow A04.1.7, Light Violet A20.2.3, Lime Green A37.0.8, Mahogany A09.6.4, Mauve A16.5.1, Mid Beige A08.2.1, Mid Grey A21.5.1, Mid Green A28.6.2, Mineral Blue A23.0.4, Mojito Green A41.0.6, Natural Greige A06.7.1, Ocean Grey A22.3.1, Pacific A26.5.4, Pale Yellow A04.0.2, Papyrus White A05.1.0, Pastel Grey A03.1.0, Passion Red A12.1.8, Polar Blue A24.0.3, Powder Blue A22.2.4, Pure White A05.0.0, Royal Blue A22.1.6, Sienna Brown A10.4.5, Silver Grey A03.4.0, Steel Grey A21.7.0, Stone Beige A05.1.1, Sun Yellow A05.1.4, Terra Cotta A10.3.4, Toscana Greige A06.5.1, Translucent A32.2.1, Turf Green A36.3.5, White A03.0.0, Zinc Yellow A04.0.5, Black A90.0.0


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