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PP - Playtec HDPE Sheet Uni Colour

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Children love to play and run around, eager to discover the world. Playgrounds are the ideal place for developing their motor and social skills. Most importantly, playground equipment must be safe and appropriate for children, but also for parents, so they know it is safe while their little ones enjoy new experiences. When planning and designing playgrounds, designers must take this into account from the very beginning.
That is why Play-Tec® was developed specifically for the design of playgrounds. Play-Tec® meets the high demands placed on play materials.

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Play-Tec® (Polyethylene) is suitable for playground equipment. Playground equipment is safer, more durable and more colourful with Play-Tec®. Children like to play and romp around and discover the world in their own way. Playgrounds are the ideal place to develop their motoric and social skills. The most important thing for parents and supervisors is that play equipment is both safe and suitable for children. That way, they don't have to worry and the little ones enjoy new experiences and challenges. When planning and designing playgrounds and equipment, designers should take this into account from the very beginning. That's why the Play-Tec® plate was developed. A special plastic plate for developing playgrounds.

Application and possibilities PP - Playtec HDPE Sheet Uni Colour

  • Play, sports and leisure equipment
  • Nursery facilities
  • Design Elements
  • (signal) drilling
  • Displays
  • Wellness and swimming pool equipment

Characteristics and properties PP - Playtec HDPE Sheet Uni Colour

  • No breaking or risk of injury from splinters
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and UV radiation
  • Good mechanical strength and stiffness
  • Easy to process with woodworking tools

Storage and Handling PP - Playtec HDPE Sheet Uni Colour

Compared to metals, thermoplastics can be machined, glued, welded and transformed more easily (using less energy).


Size changes occur depending on temperature and moisture absorption. The storage of plastic semi-finished products at processing temperature (taking into account thermal expansion) prevents problems that may arise due to temperature-dependent size changes.


Due to the release of internal stresses, problems with the flatness of the sheets may arise. The use of conditioned, tempered semi-finished products can prevent this. Pressed sheets are in principle more stress-resistant than extruded ones. In the case of complex contours (machine construction), tempering during the machining process can also be a solution in order to guarantee tolerances.

Chipless formation

The materials PE-HD and PP are usually formed above the crystallite melting point. Special machines (vacuum forming technology) are required for this.

Machining operations

The decisive factor here is the selection of the right tools and the right cutting conditions. In machining, it is important to pay attention to a high cutting speed, sharp tool cutting edges, low feed and good chip removal. The best cooling is heat dissipation through the chip; unlike in metal processing, the chip should be as long as possible, as thermoplastics are poor heat conductors. With liquid cooling, only pure water should be used (otherwise, stress cracks may form).


The proposed thermoplastics are weldable according to the processes described in DIN. These are mainly hot air welding, hot air extrusion welding and welding with thermal tools. In order to obtain safe and durable welded joints, the following must be observed: the semi-finished products and filler materials must have the same melting viscosity. Thermoplastics are sensitive to indentations. Welds must therefore be made in such a way that they are only exposed to low bending loads and have few notches of their own. Particular attention must be paid to purity. Coloured welding wire can be supplied for tank linings.

Safety in apparatus engineering and plant construction

In order to reduce the risk of tension cracks forming as a result of the action of chemicals, special attention must be paid to precise thermal processing procedures. Otherwise, there is a risk of internal stresses that may cause stress cracks in combination with wetting and simultaneous intumescent media.

Safety in mechanical engineering

In order to ensure high safety during continuous operation of the construction components, sharp contours should be avoided during production if possible.

*For the individual machining processes, the guidelines of DVS, DIN and VDI must be observed.

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