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Polycarbonate Channel plate 6 mm

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Polycarbonate Channel 6 mm can only be ordered in clear/transparent or opal. It is not available in other colours and cannot be manufactured. The maximum dimension is 4000 x 2100 mm. This dimension is standard in stock. In terms of width, the 6 mm plate is produced in 2 widths. Namely 1050 mm, 1800 mm and 2100 mm. Do you need a wider plate than 1050 mm? Then you can order the 2100 mm plate here

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Characteristics Polycarbonate sheet 6mm

Polycarbonate channel plate is characterised by the fact that it is much stronger than glass and Plexiglas. Polycarbonate Channel plate bounces along, so that it can absorb a lot of weight if it hits it. Another great advantage is that polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable, while glass splinters and Plexiglas cracks. Polycarbonate sheet is 250x stronger and much lighter than glass. The polycarbonate channel sheet is also UV-resistant. The 6 mm is often used as a skylight or protective wall. It is also often used as part of a fence. Because the sheet is somewhat thinner, it is not suitable for too large spans for a veranda. It is wiser to use 10 or 16 mm to be used.
Polycarbonate Channel 6 mm is supplied with a protective film on both sides. On one side the foil indicates which side has the UV protection. The 6 mm sheet is always 2-walled and is not available in other variants.

U-value Polycarbonate channel sheet 6 mm

The U-value (heat transfer coefficient) indicates how much heat the sheets allow to pass through. Formerly also known as the K-value. It indicates the insulating effect or degree of heat conduction of a material or product. The lower the U-value, the lower the thermal conductivity, the better the insulating effect of the channel plate.

UV protection and UV resistance

UV-resistant: Materials that are UV-resistant do not change or discolour under the influence of UV light. All four plastics (PVC, polycarbonate, acrylate and polyester) are UV-resistant, however to a greater or lesser extent. With PVC, certain UV absorbers are mixed into the material. Under the influence of weather conditions, however, the effect of these UV absorbers in PVC decreases over time. In contrast, the material acrylate is very resistant to UV light. The impact-resistant additives in acrylate ensure that acrylate is impact-resistant, but in addition they make the material highly resistant to UV light. Acrylic light sheets remain colourfast for much longer (30-year guarantee on UV resistance). Polycarbonate light sheets receive a surface seal during production (by coextrusion, usually on one side) and are thus made UV-resistant on the upper side of the light sheet. The effect of this sealing decreases over time, but polycarbonate is clearly more UV-resistant and longer than PVC. The UV resistance of polyester is comparable to PVC.

UV protection: This refers to the general protection against UVA and UVB radiation. It means that the material does not allow these ultraviolet rays to pass through and thus protects against UV light. Here, polycarbonate and acrylate are the best plastics. In connection with the effects of ultraviolet light on people and the environment, a distinction is made between the following three types of radiation:

UV-C radiation has a wavelength between 100 and 280 nm ('short-wave radiation'). This radiation is blocked by the atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface.

UV-B radiation has a wavelength between approx. 290 - 320 nm. This radiation activates the pigments in the skin. It causes one to tan, but the skin can also turn red or burn. This radiation does not pass through clothing or glass, but can cause skin cancer.

UV-A radiation has a wavelength of approx. 320 - 400 nm ("long waves"). This radiation can tan the skin quickly, but does not cause sunburn. However, the skin gets wrinkles and ages quickly. Most of this radiation passes through clothing and glass and can cause skin cancer.

Acrylate absorbs UV radiation with wavelengths smaller than 340 nm: it therefore stops UV-B radiation, but allows most of the UV-A radiation through. Acrylate therefore does not completely protect against ultraviolet light.

Polycarbonate absorbs almost all UV radiation up to a wavelength of 390 nm: it therefore completely blocks UV B radiation and also almost all UV A radiation. Polycarbonate thus protects very well against ultraviolet light.

PVC does not block UV light or does so to a lesser extent and does not provide sufficient protection against UV light.

Polyester does not absorb UV rays and thus does not protect against UV light.

Thus, three materials absorb UV-B radiation, but polycarbonate also absorbs significantly more UV-A radiation.

The impact-resistant additives in acrylic make these light sheets impact-resistant, but they also have the property of reducing the transmission of UV A radiation to a wavelength of 380 nm.

A polycarbonate channel sheet has the following properties:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Burglary resistant
  • Minimum thickness tolerance
  • Fire retardant
  • Weight (kg/m²) 1.5
  • U-value 3.2

Processing options

A polycarbonate channel plate has endless processing possibilities. You can have the sheet milled, hot and cold bent, but also sawed, drilled, polished, facetted, milled and printed. However, you can also saw the sheets to size yourself using a fine saw. Please feel free to contact us for the processing options we offer. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Fast delivery

When you place an order with us, you will enjoy a fast delivery of 2-5 working days. This is highly dependent on how busy it is and the time of year (spring/summer season). If you want to know the exact delivery date of the plate(s) in advance, it is best to contact us. We can then arrange a specific date with you. So you know exactly where you stand.

Order a polycarbonate channel plate 6mm

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Additional information

Length (mm)

2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm, 4000 mm

Width (mm)

1050 mm, 1800 mm, 2100 mm