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Trespa® panel in RAL colours

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Ordering Trespa® panels in RAL colours? A Trespa® HPL panel is available in many colours. You can order Trespa® HPL panels in any RAL colour from our webshop. We use the following standard dimensions: 3050 mm x 1300 mm x 6 mm. However, you can also order a custom-made Trespa® panel from us, see the bottom of this page. If you buy HPL panels from Kunststof Forte, the usual delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.

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Trespa® panel in many colours

Want to buy a coloured Trespa® panel, such as a black panel? The Dutch manufacturer Trespa® is the global market leader in the field of HPL panels. HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate and consists partly of wood. The core of HPL consists of different layers of pressed wood fibres, mixed with resin. These layers are pressed together under high pressure and temperature and then provided with a top layer. Due to the compressed core and hard top layer, HPL sheets are sturdy, weatherproof and scratch-resistant.

By subsequently adding coloured pigments to the surface, a wide variety of RAL colours are possible. Need a Trespa® panel in black or grey? Feel free to ask for a offer or fill in the details directly above.

Why buy Trespa® panels with colours?

A Trespa® panel that is available in many RAL colours has been specially produced for exterior applications, such as: advertising hoardings at sports fields, fascias at roof gutters and fascias (facade cladding). This is because the board can take a considerable beating. The board material has a number of attractive characteristics for use in interiors in, for example, kitchens, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, shipbuilding and for exterior use in the Sign & Graphics and construction sectors.

These attractive features are:

  • It is impervious to moisture (hygienic), but make sure there is enough room for the water to run off.
  • Trespa® panels are highly scratch-resistant, wear-resistant (average of 1.5 N).
  • The material is impact-resistant, vandal-proof and graffiti-resistant, in other words, lout-proof.
  • HPL also has a high chemical resistance.
  • Heat resistant up to ≈ 70 C°, so do not put boiling pans on an HPL sheet.
  • The top layer can be given any colour and design. This gives HPL not only a practical but also an architectural aspect, both for interior design and for facade cladding.
  • HPL is colourfast in artificial light (class 6).
  • The dimensions of HPL sheets are 3050mm x 1300mm x 6mm.
  • The specific gravity is approx. 1400 kg/m3, which makes HPL relatively heavy (for example, in comparison with Aluminium Dibond).

What is the difference between Trespa and HPL?

We can be brief about the difference between HPL and Trespa: there is none. Trespa® is a brand name of HPL. Trespa® panels are High Pressure Laminate panels. We offer HPL panels of both the Trespa brand and our own brand.

A Trespa® panel in the colours black and grey

Are you looking for a Trespa® panel in a specific RAL colour, for example in the basic RAL colour black or grey? Or do you need Trespa panels in the RAL colours 6009 or 5011? The Trespa colour codes RAL 6009 and RAL 5011 correspond to the colours pine green and steel blue respectively. On this Trespa HPL panels page you can choose from a total of 15 RAL colours and 12 colour codes. Whichever colour you choose, the RAL colour will retain its radiance for many years.

You can also come to us if you HPL sheets in the RAL colour white want to buy. We have Trespa panels with a double-sided white surface in cut-to-size delivery.

Applications: indoors and outdoors

Because of all these characteristics, HPL is suitable for many applications where hygiene or maintainability, as well as design, play a major role. You can Buy Trespa® HPL panels for use as doors, worktops (kitchen countertops), tables, street furniture, dormers and fascias. Trespa® panels are also often purchased to be used as billboards, information panels, wall cladding and facade cladding (fascias) where bright RAL colours are desired.

There are HPL laminates for both indoor and outdoor use. We have developed an HPL programme especially for the dormer sector.

Easy-care material

The HPL surface you buy from us is smooth and non-porous. Therefore it is hygienic and easy to clean. This makes HPL relatively easy to maintain. Very stubborn dirt and old stains can be removed with organic solvents (ethyl alcohol, acetone, etc).

In exceptional cases, you will need to use special cleaning agents that may be corrosive, contain solvents or be flammable. In these cases, follow the relevant precautions and ventilate the room well.

Useful cleaning tips

Wipe daily with a soft, damp cloth and your HPL sheet or furniture will stay like new. If you pay attention to the following points, you will enjoy the Trespa® HPL panels, which you can buy from Kunststof Forte BV in various designs, even longer:

  • Thanks to its strong, hygienic surface, HPL requires no special care.
  • It is easy to clean and no special cleaning agents are required.
  • Use never (liquid) abrasives or scouring pads. These leave scratches or make the material dull.
  • Use no furniture polishes and waxes. These leave a layer on the surface that can easily discolour, stain and leave marks.

Wood or HPL cladding

Not so long ago, facade cladding such as fascias and weather vanes were almost always made of wood. The problem with wood, however, is that it requires a lot of maintenance and has to be replaced regularly. That is why more and more people are opting for the cheaper and low-maintenance HPL. In comparison, wooden cladding lasts up to 20 years and has to be cleaned and repainted regularly. HPL cladding lasts up to 40 years and is almost completely maintenance free.

Advantages of HPL

  • Very sturdy and durable;
  • Low-maintenance;
  • Waterproof and UV resistant;
  • Cheaper than wood;
  • Environmentally friendly (PEFCTM / 30-31-726);
  • Density: approx. 1450 kg/m3;
  • Standard: EN 438 type HGS.

Disadvantages HPL

  • More difficult to process than wood;
  • Very heavy in weight;
  • The appearance can usually be distinguished from real wood.

Prompt delivery of your Trespa® HPL panels

When you place an order with us, you will enjoy a fast delivery of 2-5 working days. This is highly dependent on how busy it is and the time of year (spring/summer season). If you wish to know the exact delivery date of the Trespa® panel or HPL panels in advance, please contact us. We can then arrange a specific date with you. That way, you will know exactly where you stand.

View the possibilities and order a Trespa® panel

Take a look at the various colours in which your Trespa® panel can be delivered. Are you convinced of the benefits of Trespa® HPL panels? Choose the colour, length and width you want and order today! Would you first like to see a offer Would you like to receive a tailor-made quotation or request more information? Of course you can. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We are available by phone, mail and via our contact form accessible. Call via +31 (0) 622 340 847 or send an e-mail to info@kunststofforte.nl. Our expert staff will be happy to advise you.


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Antraciet Ral 7016, Betonlook, Creme Ral 9001, Dennegroen RAL 6009, Donkerblauw Ral 5011, Donkerbruin Ral 8014, Gentiaanblauw, Grijswit Ral 9002, Ivoor Ral 1015, Kwartgrijs Ral 7039, Lichtgrijs Ral 7035, Monumentengroen RAL 6064, Signaal Rood Ral 3001, Signaalgeel Ral 1003, Staalgrijs Ral 7011, Stofgrijs Ral 7037, Super wit Ral 9016, Wijnrood Ral 3005, Wit Ral 9010, Zand kleur Ral 1014, Zilver metallic Ral 9006, Zwart Grijs RAL 7021, Zwart Ral 9005