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POM Delrin plate

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POM is also easy to process mechanically and has good chemical resistance to oils and fuels. The low absorption of moisture and the excellent mechanical properties guarantee products that remain true to size. POM is a widely applicable plastic in mechanical engineering.

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Polyacetal (POM, also called polyformaldehyde) is a highly crystalline thermoplastic. POM is mainly used for precision parts as an engineering plastic due to its high degree of stiffness, low coefficient of friction and excellent dimensional and thermal stability. It also has a high degree of strength, hardness and rigidity over a wide temperature range. Polyacetal retains its high toughness down to -40°C, exhibits high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, high hot dimensional stability, good sliding properties, electrical and dielectric properties, as well as low water absorption; it can also replace metal in many cases. Its natural colour is white due to its high crystallinity; however, the material can be dyed in all muted colours. Furthermore, it is suitable for operating temperatures of up to 130 °C.

POM Delrin plate properties

  • Completely colourless.
  • UV-resistant through and through.
  • Does not discolour. Lightweight.
  • Thickness 5 mm weighs only 6 kg pm2.
  • Considerably less brittle than extruded acrylic.
  • To be drilled with metalworking drills.
  • Machining with jigsaw is possible.
  • However, we recommend using saw blades with fine teeth.
  • Good for polishing.

Use the POM Delrin plate for this.

  • Bearings
  • gears
  • wear lugs
  • machine parts (mechanical engineering)
  • Food industry (food suitable)
  • rack

What are the most important technical properties of POM?

POM is a widely used material in mechanical engineering.

The material is characterised by a high degree of dimensional and shape stability. POM also has good rolling properties.

POM is hard and at the same time impact-resistant and easy to process mechanically.

The POM FoodGrade version is suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs.

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2000mm x 1000mm


1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm


White, Black


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