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Ecolat rolled ECO-oh

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Create borders quickly and flexibly

With Ecolat, you can quickly, easily and flexibly lay out edging for lawns, garden paths, borders, vegetable gardens and pond edges, among others.
The rot-free belt, made from recycled plastic waste, can be easily bent to create flowing lines. The in
The edging, which is available in various sizes, is splinter-free and can be processed like wood: drilling, milling and sawing. After processing, there is no
special maintenance is required. Ecolat is fixed with screws to the optional stakes that have to be placed every 50 cm.


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The Ecolat edging for 100% is made from recycled household plastic waste. The battens are ecological and a better alternative to hardwood battens, for example. Ecolat slats are resistant to water and moisture, require little or no maintenance and have a very long lifespan. They are also aesthetically pleasing to integrate into a modern garden.

The grey slats Ecolat on rolls have a generous length of 25 metres. They are much easier to work with than wooden or rubber edging. The Ecolatings are flexible and can be used to create beautiful sloping forms. The length of 25 metres means a considerable gain of time.
This Ecolat on roll is often used for loose forms: pond, flower border, separation of materials (e.g. different types of gravel), lawn edge, tree area, etc. Sloping garden paths can also be laid perfectly with it. Combinations with tree bark, gravel,... Let your imagination work!

The rolled Ecolat is available in two heights: 14 cm (standard) and 20 cm (for professional use, but also for the enthusiast who, for example, wants to compensate for a greater difference in level in the garden).

The straight slats Ecolat are available in 2 or 3 metre lengths and are used for rigid shapes: linear ponds, rigid flower borders, vegetable garden beds, straight garden paths, compost heaps, planting beds, in greenhouses,...

Those who prefer a somewhat broader board can use Ecoplanc boards. These hollow profiles have a length of 1.2 metres and a height of 22 cm at a thickness of 4 cm.
They are ideal for making square metre gardens, herb gardens, compost bins, plant pots,...

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Grey 10meter x 14cm x 7mm, Brown 10meter x 14cm x 7mm, Grey 20meter x 14cm x 7mm, Brown 20meter x 14cm x 7mm, Grey 20meter x 19cm x 7mm, Grey 25meter x 14cm x 7mm, Brown 25meter x 14cm x 7mm, Grey 25meter x 19cm x 7mm