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PE Polyethylene (HDPE) rod

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HDPE is relatively speaking one of the cheapest plastics available. The material is easy to machine and weld, which makes it suitable for constructions such as storage tanks or basins. Bending is also possible, but given the memory function of HDPE, it will always bend back to its original shape (a flat plate or straight bar).

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PE rod (also known as polyethylene rod or HDPE rod) is produced from a thermoplastic base granulate. PE rod is suitable for applications where the plastic used does not have to meet heavy requirements. PE polyethylene rod has a relatively low melting temperature and therefore cannot be used in very hot environments. HDPE rod in the black colour is perfect for outdoor use. If you are looking for rigid plastic rod, you would be better off switching to, for example PVC staff, POM staff or Nylon staff. PE rod is available in white and black colour. Standard trade lengths are 2 metres.

PE polyethylene rod is a technical material that is extruded. In addition, the material has no foil or other protection around it. PE rod is therefore less suitable for optical applications, because damage can always occur due to handling or storage of the rod material.

Processing of PE HD rod

PE HD rod can be machined well. When drilling, turning, sawing and milling, it is important to use sharp tools. Blunt tools, for example cutting PE rod with a blunt saw, will cause the material to fibre. As the material is tough, these fibres/chips are also difficult to remove. HDPE rod can be welded with PE sheet, for example. PE rod can NOT be glued. For other questions about the application or processing, or for making the right choice of material, you can always contact us.

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1000 mm, 2000 mm


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