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Maxgreenwall creates working and living environments where everyone feels comfortable, a place where everyone wants to be. We do this by placing Maxgreenwalls.

A plant wall in the office brings the advantages of being outdoors inside. Living plants on the wall dampen sound, purify the air and provide more oxygen. People who work in a green space experience less stress, are less often ill and are more productive. Plants are also able to absorb and break down harmful substances. This makes being indoors for a long time more pleasant.

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What are Maxgreenwalls

are panels with plants, with which you can fill an entire wall or several walls with greenery. In this way, you bring nature from outside into your home or create an immediately full green wall outside.

A Maxgreenwall plant wall has many advantages. Perhaps the most important advantage is that a green wall is very attractive. It really adds something to the space. It makes a room lively, but at the same time provides tranquillity.

Benefits of a Maxgreenwall

People in a green environment are more productive, feel happier and suffer less from stress. When plants grow, they capture carbon dioxide, but they also return oxygen to the environment.

Green walls are an ideal solution for dull walls in situations where there is little or no room for planters, for example.
Create living green works of art in any environment with the GreenWalls. The Maxgreenwall green walls are the solution if you:

  • want a natural separation of spaces,
  • A green eye-catcher that immediately enhances the atmosphere,
  • want a natural upgrade of dull walls and cramped spaces quickly
  • want to underline a green and sustainable image
  • requires a favourable effect on the indoor climate
  • are you looking for acoustic wall coverings
  • Easy to move
  • You only need to fill the system with water once a month


Included in the delivery price

  • Wall for 104 plants
  • Special record jars
  • Water tank for 80 litres
  • Water pump
  • Drip line for watering the plates
  • UV filter
  • 2 pcs fans
  • Grow light

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 2210mm x 1040mm x 370mm
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Colours: Pure white - RAL9016 and Graphite black - RAL9011
  • Noise pump: 50dB
  • Colour of lamp: White
  • Plant assortment:
    Air So Pure

Plant assortment Air So Pure: Air-purifying sheets
Air So Pure comprises a group of plants whose healthy effects have been scientifically proven.
The presence of these plants that purify the air makes for healthier and more pleasant living and working, and therefore more well-being and productivity and less absence due to illness.
Plant assortment CalmnessThese plants radiate tranquillity, different plants with the same colour.
Plant assortment Life: These are mainly plants with large leaves, which makes them stand out and gives a tough effect.
Plant assortment WildernessThese are plants with large leaves and various shades of green



The advantages of ordering from Kunststof Forte

Ordering from Kunststof Forte offers you many advantages:

Do you need help? We are happy to help you with expert advice
Do you require a particular finish or size? That is not a problem
Fast delivery
Secure payment
Large range and stock

Do you want to order a large quantity? Then ask request a quote. If you have a question about the Maxgreenwall, please feel free to contact us. Call +31 (0) 622 340 847, send an e-mail to info@kunststofforte.nl or use the contact form We are ready for you.


Additional information

Wall colour

Pure white - RAL9016, Graphite black - RAL9011

Plant assortment

None, Air So Pure, Calmness, Life, Wilderness


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